Anne Lessle

Expatriation Support

Feeling Home away from Home

Being sent on an international assignment for several years will impact the live of the working expat as well as the traveling spouse and family.

To make this endeavor successful and positive for all involved, it is important to plan ahead, to raise awareness about the challenges, and to develop strategies to support adjustment in the new environment.  My expertise in training, coaching, and consulting combined with first hand familiarity of expat live qualify me to support you in this adventure.

My strength is to understand the questions, fears and needs of expatriates. To prepare them for an unknown experience, to support them through the stages of adaptation, and to help them getting ready for the move back to their home countries, are essential for expatriation success and further retention.

Whether you are looking for conceptual support, training of assigned expatriates or further coaching, I am glad to support you.